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The Golden Ratio, can we live up to it?

Did you know that beauty is not something determined by a whim? Not something emotive. Beauty or attractiveness in a person goes much deeper than superficial appearance, apparently!

What we thought or let me be scientific here, cognise, as beautiful or attractive, can be determined by a mathematical formula.

If you have frequented the world of art history then you’ll be familiar with the golden ratio or fashionably refers to by Da Vinci as the divine proportion. Here it is in print!

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio

This makes it pretty hard to live up to for all you ladies out there right? Well, try looking at it this way.

Equation, translated!

Equation, translated!

Still not quite right? Try looking at this way then.

Still not quite sure then let’s choose somebody who is universally believed to be beautiful and attractive and show you.

Now you can see why she is cognitively beautiful!!!

Now you can see why she is cognitively beautiful!!!

What do you think? Is this how you judge beauty?

Going back to my last few blogs on the subject of beauty, do you think this applies to non Caucasian? Or is this definition strictly belongs to the Renaissance scholars and western culture. Therefore does not apply to Thais and other non Caucasians.

Interestingly, I  found something even more fascinating than measuring Angelina Jolie face and this goes beyond Divine Beauty. Sadly I cannot upload this video here so click on the image and go and watch. It’s a program from the Discovery channel on the Science Of  Sex Appeal and this one is an episode called The Beauty Of Symmetry.


So at the end of the day, it just comes down to procreation! We, males and females, alike have been spending a fortune in time and money  making ourselves beautiful. But if beauty is determined long before we were born then we are _ _ _ _ ed!  And if the reason why we are attracted to beautiful people is because we want to find the fittest to mate then back to square one folks. Save your money, and hire the best surgeon!

Beauty can then  be redefined as

A person who is genetically fit to parent!

What is your take on this? Guess this is true where Jolie is concerned, Brad and her have become super parents!