Thai Life, live, reflected and quote back


QuoteThai originated first as personal blog conversation between 3 friends that have one thing in common, the love of Thailand.

We all lived away from one another and FB and e-mails just don’t make it! We missed  our sharing, our  long lazy Sunday lunches where conversation spills out on any topics of fancy. So we started to blog and one thing led to another, here we are collecting thoughts, anecdotes and reflections!

We regularly trawl the web to keep up-to-date with Thai minds as newspapers only give us one perspective and what we are keen to find out is not the public view! Then we discover the social media of blogs!

The blogs that interest us most are by expats living here as they offer a different perspective to the Thai norm. And for us, we appreciate different viewpoints.

Writing about Thailand in another language also make us look at things differently! It gives us a freedom to observe and reflect. It gives us a new vantage point to see and appreciate things that we often overlook. It makes us feel braver, brave enough to want to share and discuss!

Please come and join us. Tell us what you think, leave comments or send us your blog, we love to hear from you. 


One thought on “About

  1. Hello,
    I give ti try 🙂
    I just read your article about “Walking The Bhikkhuni Path”, which is well written… (since the past years I am occassionally following track in buddhistic teachings and different sources) I myself will stay in Thailand from Apr. 10th until May 15th this year (a couple weeks from now). I am going to become a monk myself for a very short period of time (aprox. 14 days). Also I am a photographer, I’d like to ask, if it is possible to meet you? My main interest is in exchanging (learning) budhism from a totaly new aspect, and also to have another insight about thai culture. Even this is going to be my first stay to thailand, I speak thai a little, can read and write… are familiar with customs.
    I am looking forward to a reply! Would be very nice, indeed.

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