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Hitting Or Missing The Mark

It doesn’t take a genius to see that what’s happening in Bangkok  these  last few weeks make most Thais feel BAD. My blogging silence is part of this malaise. The political stalemates that confront us makes me ask these questions:

  1. Is there a real difference in ideology between the red and the yellow or the pink for that matter? If there is why ultimately it feels that all parties share the same goal,  keeping their status not to mention the “quo” bit.
  2. As we have seen the session of debates in Parliament reaching nowhere, as most elected members are too busy getting one over each other than trying to actually solve the country political and socio-economic crisis.  Do Thai politicians really care about this country and where its going? Or do they simply become MPS just for their financial gains and status.  Looking at the televised debates between the two parties, proved to me that the words politicians need not apply to Thais politicians as they do not do any “politics” .
  3. This last question derived from observing Thai habits, me included here! We have a recorded session of the PM and co sitting opposite the Red leaders and appear quite civilise. Note the appearance. We saw that this was different from last year as at least they were sitting in a televised discussions. But this was so staged to lead to no solutions and this makes me think the aim of this is purely for appearance and in making one side look bad.

Putting all these questions into my very own perspective,  have led me to think:

  1. We Thais are so good at looking as if we are doing something very important.
  2. We are even better at appearing to be democratic and exercising our rights but in reality we are just very good at acting the a part as when it comes to real issues we rather turn the opposite  direction and get on with lives.
  3. We Thais are great at obeying orders and  forming rallies, dressing-ups and chants. Hence we are so good at conforming to wearing certain colours when asked to. International press have archives of Thais in sea of yellows and reds to prove my point.

Now come the bits that we are not so good at and we need to be:

  1. We are no good at listening to the opposite side of any debates, being always too quick to retort before really trying to understand the points.
  2. We put too much on face values and appearance. In Thailand appearance can win your supports or kill you. To be a successful politicians, judging by standards of  the past 50 years,  means a way of gaining personal wealthy from the public funds. We Thais seem hell bent on admiring the fat cats, the fatter and more corrupted , the more we think they are very clever. Never understand this! This seems to be true for most South East Asian political moguls or Asian countries where appearance rule.
  3. We, the common people, are simply  too loyal and trustworthy to our causes.  Sometimes we are so taken by the appearance of political activities that we simply forget to look at the big picture.

Life in Thailand, this geographically amazing country is like no others. Like the song that I was taught to sing when I was young,

ในนำ้มีปลาในนามีข้าว เเผ่นดินของเรานี่เเสนอุดมสมบูรณ์ … There are fish in the water, rice in the fields. This Thai Land of ours is so plentiful …

We Thais has been  self sufficient, we do not need a lot to sustain ourselves. Our history were  not like that of our neighbours where struggle to simply stay alive were fraught. This makes most of us become conformists; we simply exist and live in this kind of Disneyland attitude that life is great.

We did not have to look elsewhere until now. As a country we need to evolve and before we do that we need to learn what to means to have political freedom and what politic really means.  And its not what is happening right now. We Thais are not reds or yellows or pink.

Ask yourself what is ” Thais” , exactly what defines our race, our generations? Then please tell me. To me its not what you see on TVs right now. But we cannot deny that what we see is part of it. What is it that we come out in the street to fight for. What makes us get enraged at our brothers and sisters.

For me being Thai is what this blog is about,  as I explore this word  “โคตร”and the  Thai Psyche, I hope to blog my way into finding my own definition.