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Thailand, the friendliest country in the world?


By now most of you would have heard of  the HSBC 2009 surveys on Expats Experience and two things for Thais to be glad of. Apparently we are the country where LOVE blooms and of course we are the most friendliest country.

© HSBC 2009

Well being friendly is good but to be the Love capital of Asia isn’t that bad either. According to this survey,

Almost half (47%) of Expats in Thailand alone said they have found love!

Love aside, the most interesting bit is the integration score. This is positives for us Thais. With all the recent wave of westerners living here reacting to the word FARANG, thinking that we are looking down on them. This survey gives it another slant, a different perspective.

© HSBC 2009

I have often wondered why westerners find Thailand so attractive. Guess these are the reasons.

From a personal view, having lived in England for 32 years of my life, integration wasn’t easy.  Luckily, it wasn’t an option, we had to do it. It’s a matter of survival. But it’s made the 32 years a good experience. Integration makes one feels connected to the country we chose to live in. It makes us want to be part of that culture.

Now I feel this is exciting time. We cannot deny that our next generation will not be of one race. OK,  historical Thailand has always been multicultural. But the next generation will be a truly multicultural Thailand.  We all know or have racially mixed children, nieces, nephews, cousins,  grandchildren and even partners. This means we can no longer think mono-culturally.  Are we ready for this?

If this survey is correct and the fact that this information is open to all web surfers, will make more people want to relocate here. No longer do we need the marriage brokers, just move here, integrate and find yourself a soul mate! If Thailand Be the food of love, play on.

But … as Catherine has noted on her blog, once you Expats have integrated, perhaps its time to learn the lingo. It will really open up this country for you.  So if you’re an expat, married to a Thai then go and enrol on Thai Language class. Decode what the in-laws really think of you! Worth a try, huh?


2 thoughts on “Thailand, the friendliest country in the world?

  1. This is easily the most interesting blog on Thai life right now.

    I agree (almost) totally with the survey – being an expat myself. Of more than 30 countries that I’ve lived and worked in, Thailand is easily the friendliest country I’ve ever been to, closely followed by Cuba.

    In my experience, of all the countries on the list, the UK is the least friendliest of them all – and I’m British!

    I’m very surprised at Japan being so low, because the Japanese are very friendly people. I think it echoes what you mention about foreigners not bothering to speak (or even try) the language of the country they visit. You’re going to be pretty lonely in Japan unless you take some lessons, since English is rarely spoken.

  2. ‘Decode what the in-laws really think of you! Worth a try, huh?’

    Hmmm… this is twist, but I would have given the moon to have avoided being told, constantly, what my British inlaws think of me 😉

    (Thank you for the mention. Same as the previous commentor, I too love your blog)

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