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A quiet refelction on Thai Life


It has just dawned on me that I have been writing this blog for a while! My views versus the world views on  Thais, Thailand and these magnitude of words have  distorted  my vision! As much as I love words , they now taunt me.

Of late the political stalemate and all the social economic welfare discussions have masked  the love I feel for this country.  I find the repetition of the same themes, constantly churn out for our consumptions by the media greying this mind.  I’m beginning to lose faith.

The more I surf the web, the more I find endless blogs by westereners telling us what we should do, what will be good for us, how we should change. Most of the times, they a re spot on and that depress me even more!

Then if I swap to the Thai web forums and the chatters there are just as bad, opinionated, self righteous and very divisive!

My head hurts! I long for days when I can sit and chat openly in cafés, bars, restaurants, noodle stands, som-tam vans, about the future of this beloved country. But that is not going to be possible.

I feel very like the Chao Phrya river on the photo below. It looks so inviting!

This relationship I have with this dear country, is like a marriage, second quarter in.  That middle part where the romance has died and day in day out you look at your partner and beginning to see the annoying habits and as days go by, the habits get exaggerated and ultimately get on your nerves! You begin to wonder why you stay in this relationship. All you see is the other possibilities beyond your reach!

Then quietly I stumbled on this site,www.monasie.com and suddenly I remembered why I love this country so much! PhillipeB has graciously allowed me to show you his work. This is  how I have realigned my perspective back to the middle ground.

Mother and Child selling sausages, Bangkok

Mother and Child at work, Bangkok

Bangkok vegetarian Festival

Vegetarian feast with a smile!

The street tycoon

The street tycoon

Two kitten market venders

Thailand is not perceptual, post-modern thought embedded in my head! Being Thai is not about aligning myself with a philosophy or political party. Being Thai is just that! Its about being able to live with what is, in that moment and no more. The more we speculate to accumulate, the more remove we are from the essence of Thai-ness.

What do you think? These are so very Thailand for me. Thanks Phillipe for reminding me that Thailand isn’t about what’s going on but about what is!


7 thoughts on “A quiet refelction on Thai Life

  1. I’m one of those westerners who gets on the high horse and tells Thai’s what they should/should not do (on my blog, not generally in person:)

    Anyway I agree that its good to sometimes get away from the political nonsense, and appreciate and enjoy other aspects of Thailand, & Thais.

    Thanks for putting things into perspective.

    btw, I like your blog

  2. Great post. And thanks for the introduction to monasie.com

    I agree with Hobby in that it’s necessary to get away from the endless political nonsense (and corruption) here – it’s never going to change and it’s downright depressing.

    Thailand is a wonderful place in and of itself – and it’s all down to Thai people.

  3. Thank you very much, Khun Chdarat …. 😉
    I try to show the normal life of normal people in thailand, I like to go to the market with my wife and i never forged to take my camera with me …. I enjoin my life in thailand, i live in the Thonburi Area, the old Bangkok and i am just a guest of your contry.
    For the political crisis, i definitively stop to read the thai and farang news every day because I get depressed …., now it’s “mai pen rai” for me and I continue to try to show my life in thailand with my blog …, I think it’s the best thing for me, because anyway, we will not change ….

    Ps : Sorry, my english is not very good, i am a french guy.

  4. PhillipeB, my French is even worse than your English 🙂 but the poiny isn’t hoe good your English but how good your photos are! Your photos have integrity and honesty which I love.

  5. ‘ I find endless blogs by westereners telling us what we should do, what will be good for us, how we should change.’

    My take… for westerners, it’s a part of who they are. Coming up with ideas to improve where they live is all about contributing to whatever society they find themselves in.

    Standing by doing and saying nothing, could be be construed as taking while giving nothing back.

    Anyway, that’s just the way I feel personally. If I am not giving back to a country that is giving so much to me, then I am being selfish.

    On the subject of the photos – they are wonderful! Thank you, I am now a fan of monasie.com

    I too take my camera around Thailand (the link is in my sidebar). Thailand has so much going on, I had to take a mini break from photography as I was spending too much sorting through photos and not enough time enjoying Thailand.

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  7. Hello,

    another french speaking (but not french) blogger here.
    I’ve stumbled on your blog by reading Monasie.com.

    Will definitely read more.

    As for foreigners I agree with Catherine. I don’t even find anything else to add.

    Anyway, I too love Thailand and I am an avid photographer.
    I’ve created Thailand Photographers a while ago on facebook and flickr. Feel free to join all of them : )

    Finally, to cheer you up, my take on the thai life. Klong Bangkok Noi.

    This is probably the place I like the most along with Phra Pa Daeng. I can take pictures of these 2 places endlessly.

    I don’t agree with people saying that we can’t change things around. We can change by talking about them. It’s like planting a seed and letting it grow.


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