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What love has to do with it


Sorry Tina but this is such an apt title for this blog!

The word love has been used so much and mostly for commercial gains so what really is love. Too many songs has that word repeated and so diluting the meaning.  So love becomes how Hallmark defines it! But in reality is it love they sing about or this new 21st century disease, the “Poor Me” syndrome.

Then if you match these two combinations, love and a farang and a Thai relationship. Most  people become quite cynical, me included.  But I’m sick of all this  poor farangs cheated by Thai women bantering also.

Then I came across these clips on YouTube and was mesmerised by the whole thing! They are not polished American style docudrama but a cold hard look at genuine people who are looking at how to survive.

Not glamorous, not exciting, nonetheless real.  Through it all, what I saw was genuine desire for a better life. Not exploitation of the superior by an inferior. Not people trafficking by marriage.  Just lives, lives of people who suffered for whatever reasons and found solace in one another.

This made me think about my own personal views and opinions on being female and relationships. I now have to redefine my ground and rethink.

If you have time then watch all 7 clips with an open mind. Then tell me what you think?


2 thoughts on “What love has to do with it

  1. Well, my take is rather depressing. It is a shame that people are either so lonely and socially isolated/inept or in such dire financial/economic straights that they are willing to marry someone they can’t communicate with due to not sharing the same language and after only knowing them for a week. All I can say is wow, just wow. It is interesting to think that this is probably not to different than how marriages have been arranged historically in many cultures up until quite recent times.
    I am curious to here your take after reading, “This made me think about my own personal views and opinions on being female and relationships. I now have to redefine my ground and rethink.” I just stumbled upon your blog recently and like it, keep it up, please.

    rick in colorado,usa

  2. Thank you, much appreciated!

    My take on this?

    Simply who are we to judge? How two people get together and enter into a relationship, the initiation seems nonsensical, and what makes them become a couple is much more important and interesting.

    In my younger day, hot headed, hormone fuelled, I would only believe in love relationship. But older by experience, I see that relationship is relationship and sustaining a relationship and honouring your partner is a much harder tasks and much more valuable than romantic nonsensical ideals.

    The lovey dovey bit will soon die and we either leave that person to look for another to fuel this love crave. Or we actually see that relationship is about more than love.

    Jane Austen novels for example, becomes much more profound than just a love match!

    The couple on the film shows real vulnerability, both parties alone and lonely and that might be why you feel the way you do about them. What choice have they but this!

    Some people can be alone and not lonely but most need to be in relationship.

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