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The Dying Art of Speaking Thai


hangmanHave you noticed how English is seeping into Thai language? It’s no longer trendy to speak just fluent Thai! Not so “INTER, na ja!”

Come on, it was fun to mix for a while but this has gone too far. Think of what we’re doing. What are we saying to our children?

We have put echelon into languages when there shouldn’t be one!  

We’re simply showing the next generation that one language is superior, yes superior to another language and this is dangerous when the inferior language is their mother tongue!

When something is trendy, chic, fashionable, that something creates a presidence where others follow! So do you know what you’re doing all you media darlings, wannabe starlets, celebs, and even you,  politicians! Did you even give it a thought about what looking good is doing to this country? Are you aware of the consequences? Or you just simply don’t care enough.

Language is a reflection of our culture. When a language is simply given over to another thoughtlessly for the sake of what, fashion! It’s preposterous! We are allowing another culture to come in and simply become masters without having to use brute force. Language colonisation also means the colonisation of minds! Think of what that means. We are simply showing the younger generation that it’s not enough to simply be Thai.

 There is nothing wrong with learning to speak another language fluently. But please speak that language at the right time and right context! The concept of having a context that structure your thought before speaking seems to also be lost, giving way to empty-headed desire to look good, be INTER! It is hilarious when you see western gap year kids, slumming it to appear global. What an odd world, we live in! 

Do you want to know why this infuriates me! Let me tell you. A language is a reflection of our culture. So what does this mean when Thai language has English words mix in.

I am not blameless in this, no excuses! In my case,  pure laziness and lack of practice in Thai and chose whichever is the  fastest at any given point in time. I’m not proud of this. This is inexcusable!  And it’ s my resolute intention to speak purely Thai when I speak Thai. How about you?


4 thoughts on “The Dying Art of Speaking Thai

  1. Try speaking this in pure Thai…

    “The usability design and information architecture is very essential for the software development .”

    Plus, joystick…..

  2. True but not right, right but not true 🙂

    Yes, in this case English is permissable.

    The case I’m referring to is when it is used this way,
    จะไป beach กันไหม weekend นี่น่ะ ฯ

    What’s wrong with ทะเล or อาทิตย์?

    If it’s work and your workplace has a rule about using English then I feel that is OK but not allowing this to drift into everyday conversation. When politicians refer to “change” instead of “เปลียน” การเปลียนเเปลง

  3. I do not feel that superior or inferior comes into it at all.

    When I lived in France, in order to perverse the ‘pure’ French language, they passed laws against using ‘le weekend’ on radio.


    When it comes to languages, there is no such thing as a ‘pure’ anything.

    Humans use language to connect to other humans. So a given, it is human nature to connect the dots between the languages.

    In addition, Thai did not mysteriously appear on its own. No language does. Languages evolve. They grow. Or they die.

    (Ok, I don’t personlly know about the ‘die’ part but it sounded good the first time I heard it so there you go).

  4. Hi Catherine,

    Yes, you’re right in many aspects. Languages do evolve and certainly Thai has and I do not wish to stop that at all. I think what I did not put across well is the context in which we speak.

    I was referring to people who use English simply to decorate in the way you put jewellery on or wear brand names.

    As ribib commented, trying to say information architecture in Thai is almost incomprehensible!

    This reminds me of a scene from Chris Wright, the English teacher where he said that we cannot use Thai for everything for example computer, keyboard or mouse!

    I think they die as in defunct! Take Sanskrit and Pali, they are so high pollutant now just like Edwardian or Victorian English! Yet Shakespeare and Jane Austin live on!


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