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You Have to Watch This!

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Over the weekend, I was stirred by a new reality show called “Big Trouble in Thailand”. The name obviously explains the content of the show: farangs have troubles in Thailand.

I guess it is something to talk about among farangs as well. http://www.thailandqa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=31425http://www.tfs2m.com/main/2009/09/11/from-the-producerdirector-of-big-trouble-in-thailand/

Let’s watch the reality that really bites!

For me, it’s painful to have to accept that this kind of situation can happen to tourists when they visit Thailand. But then again, scams can take place in any latitude or longtitude on this planet. Therefore, your fair judgement is highly needed!


One thought on “You Have to Watch This!

  1. We all know that there is nothing new any more in docudrama TV. When making a documentary about Thailand then the thing to do since The Beach came out and the stale plot of Bangkok Dangerous, seems to be let’s show people how bad Thailand is! So we get this very two dimensional image of Thailand that is far from the norm.

    So what this documentary focuses on tourists behaving badly in Thailand and they can get scammed by greedy Thai entrepreneurs that only see them as easy money. Nothing new! Think why a farang volunteer police force is needed!

    For some of you hypocritical farangs out there, what I want to know is why you think that it’s OK to get up to no good away from your backyard. I admit that this irresponsible behaviours, does not exclusively limit to Thailand.

    There seems to be a problem of irresponsible behaviours in late teens and young professionals especially in regards to their limited notion of play. It’s sad when having fun can only mean consuming a lot of alcohol, use of class A and B drugs and having gratuitous sex with anyone available, anywhere!

    Read this from Andrew Drummond, a very good review of this programe,

    Here is an exerot from Mr Drummond’s blog, a comment from the documentary producer in regards to Thai Police

    “ I think they took the view, why not? People coming to Thailand should know that if they behave badly or commit crimes the punishments will be severe. They should see the jails, and the police station lock-ups, and how they behave” said Gavin.

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