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Greenpace, Obama and 5 Thai Elephants

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Today’s the Nation headlined,

Five elephants will trek 250 km in Thailand to urge US President Obama to take action against global warming!

That’s very eye-catching and a worthy cause. If you’re going to grab presidential attention, that is one sure way. But do you think Obama or rather the US Chamber of Commerce will give a toss? So far nothing on this earth has moved them! It will be interesting to see if Obama can make the US greener.

 However the closing sentence of this article has grabbed more of my attention,

          There are now 2,000 wild and 3,000 domesticated elephants in Thailand.

This trek might do some good in raising Thais awareness of the plight of our elephants as well. We need to see the domesticated elephants return to the wild and not on the streets on Thailand, playing like circus animal to earn their mahouts’ keep!

Elephant Mascot, www.abfab.co.uk

Elephant Mascot, http://www.abfab.co.uk

 Greenpeace says that the elephants will trek 10 km and for the rest of the journey they will be travelling in specially designed trucks. I’m concerned that again this is a more refined way of making the elephants work for man’s own ends. They will still walk on very hot tarmac!

It’s all well and good to raise awareness on the global scale as we need to learn to be responsible but perhaps it’s time to use no gimmick and let the truth speaks for itself.  Or if we are going to use gimmick, we can use humans dress up as elephants!

 Here is where you can buy one!

We can invite 5 famous people to dress up as elephants and walk 10 km a day (that’ll keep then fit and helathy too!) and promote the SE Asia dwindle rain forest. For the record, most of this depletion of land is due to man’s obsesion with oil and in this case, the next black gold, Palm Oil!


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