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Tweetersphere quivered and not quake, last night!

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Did you follow the twitter between Mr. Yoon and our Mark? 

Interesting to note  that while the two giants twittered, the messages were broadcast life on Channel 9, to the mass!

Oops, sorry, was that my queue to say, WOW!!!!

Interesting to see the number of followers, SO was it worth 140 charaters pop a question? You tell me, please!

Tweet, tweet, tweet

Tweet, tweet, tweet

For those who miss the tweets you’re not missing much as they didn’t say anything we haven’t heard before. But if you’re curious then you can read all about it here at the Nation, of course, and from Mr Yoon’s own blog.

More interesting though is what came after; Mr. Yoon had a respond from the ex PM!

The most interesting bit of the whole interview for me was, and I quote from the Nation own words here,

When asked whether Abhisit would agree to talk toThaksin over the Twitter network moderated by Suthichai, the prime minister said the network’s capacity of 140 characters per a post would be too limited to hold such a talk.

But then the tweets between Thakie and Mr Yoon prove too much for me and I had to follow!  Thaks couldn’t help himself! He dared not let the tweettunity go by without his own  tweet, could he now?  

Couldn’t help thinking who is baiting who and who is Mr. Yoon after. Was it the PM the primary target or the ex PM.

What do you think folkes? Tweet, tweet!

Was the interview yesterday, a start of a beautiful relationship on Twitter between the present PM and the ex PM?

So the line has been crossed, lets wait and see the much anticipated outcome.

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