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It’s Friday!

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This week has seen so much rain, not that I’m complaining as my garden can do with a good soaking but the rain has produced this haze around BKK.  My building has become so gloomy, bathed in this grey light all week.

Thank God it’s Friday! Can’t wait for tomorrow so that I can see the horizon, clear sky, no trains, no people rushing about.

I guess it’s the same world over and not just in this metropolis that Friday produces this kind of fever to office workers like myself.

What a week we have though, I feel we are all politically tired and in need of a break.

How many times will the oppositions, oppose and the PM comes out in denials.

When will we hear of some real progressive legislation changes instead of this cat and dog fight.

The concept of ruling party and the opposition has just gone too far so that government only means one that has to be opposed.

What about us common people? We need change, we need you to make the rain in politic stop! We need to see clearly and hear of the new horizon. So can we call a truce and have a break?

Can I dream that on Monday, the political sky will become clear and there might even be some sun?

Have a good weekend.

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