Thai Life, live, reflected and quote back

And now, … for something completely different!

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Right!  All you Monty Python fans out there, sorry to disappoint you, this isn’t really about their greatness, well perhaps remotely! But nice to bring them up as it’s what they stood for that I’m pining for here and this gives me an opportunity …

So for all of you that don’t know Monty Python,  please educate your sense of humour, quickly! Watch this!

Have you ever felt in need of something different? A different point of view or should that be view point?  

Life can feel  quite stale at times. So it’s good to move your standpoint and see the same old thing from a different angle, don’t you think?

I’m not talking about having a debate and gain perspective by opposing. I’m talking about breaking away completely from what you know.  Standing on new ground, gaining new perspective, fresher way to approach life!

I occasionally  have the urge to be in a completely alien ground where there are no reference point. A place where I cannot apply all my learnt knowledge so no reference point, no labels, no opinions.

I’m not having a wanderlust here. No need to travel away and immersed myself in alien culture. I’m talking about being  here and look at this old Thailand with new eyes, a fresh perspective.

Life isn’t just about one shopping mall to the next or one blockbuster movie after another or even one top nosh restaurant to the next, is it?

Life doesn’t necessarily mean following trends or keep up with the Joneses (but since we are here, it’ll be keeping up with the hi so’s!).

It’s not about being in the know but of really seeing and accepting with no judgements – no reference point. We need to free ourselves from what we think we know and align ourselves with what we don’t know, the unknown!

How? I do this by stepping away from the mainstream culture and going on a quest for an alternative one.  There are a hidden world out there, waiting to be explored. There are exhibitions of really exciting contemporary arts, theatres, alternative comedy – I have embedded an example so enjoy! Of course, there are meditation retreat which I find the most helpful but more about that some other time!

So how about you? Do you need to occasionally break away and if so how do you do it?

‘Til next time.

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