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10 Things I hate about you …

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Picture from Sweet Nostalgia

Picture from Sweet Nostalgia

Remember my list of 10 things that I love about Thailand? Well, I thought I try a different tact to get your notice!  Since you don’t respond to love then let’s try its equal and opposite and talk about  hate! Or rather what I really hate about living here! See if you care enough to comment!

I’m not the first to write about things I hate about Bangkok! I did see other bloggers moaned about living here, one in particular has 5 x 10 Things he hates about … Guess that makes 50!!! Interesting read indeed!

What is it about hate that fuels our minds! On second thought tell me that later!  Well.  the 10 Things on my list that get up my nose are:

1. Inconsideration of commuters be it cars, buses, trains, Sky or otherwise and pedestrians

The reason this is my number one, is because it makes me the saddest! Commuters the world over are alike, bad mannered, inconsiderate  BUT  (yes it’s a big but! ) I expected Thais to be different. Perhaps because I have memory of another time when people were considerate and had more sati and body awareness!

 2. Over Sweetened Thai Meals

Sugar seems to become the dominant taste  in all savoury foods from curries, somtam and  even noodles … prevent me from enjoying street foods.  It’s even worse in the case of noodles as people who like the sweet taste can put the sugar in themselves!  Obesity will not be a problem as Thai women are excellent at starving themselves but diabetes will be!

3. The lateness of some people

OK so you have to be 2 hours ahead here because of traffic but to all my mates out there, if you are two hours late for our dates again you’re dead! No excuse! That goes for work meeting too. I was once in a meeting which a participant was two hours late because  … no good reason.

4. Hiding the truth behind a smile

Have you ever noticed that white lies are practice to a high art here? One must never offend anyone! Now that is the sort of good manner that I can actually do without. How about this? You can step on my toes or  flick your hair in my face while commuting on trains, busses or underground, in exchange for honesty!

5. Plastic Bags

Yes all of you shop owners out there, no need to wrap up your goods in so many plastic bags! At 7 Eleven, I bought a carton of milk and that had 3 bags! One for the milk, one for the bag that’s holding the milk and an extra one for protection?!?  Asked them not to put the milk in bags, they looked aghast! Bought a guava at the street vendor and that had 3 bags too when all I need is just the one!

6. Thai Soaps on TV

I absolutely adore Thai ads but Thai soap operas sent shivers down my spine even while I’m killing myself laughing! To think that people are addicted to this and some even aspire to the lifestyle, aghhhh!

7. People that waves their bank notes at stall holders to cut ques

Has this ever happened to you? I had this experience too many times! You simply stand there, waiting to be served then someone come along and demand to be served by  waving  the one thousand bank note at the stallholder to cut ques! Gosh that is just insane and damn right rude. This takes materialistic to the extreme! I’m totally aghast at this practice!

8. The amount of paper work needed to conduct a normal civic things like change address, name or get your money out of banks, etc

I’m sure you all know this one! So no need to expand.

9. Rubish Tipping

Yes,  you people who simply chuck your rubbish from your car windows onto the streets, or simply throw your rubbish onto roads just after you’d eaten!  

10. Moaning about how bad things are

Lastly me writing about all these! I actually hate moaning but as I’m getting older and older and older , huh …  I’m turning into Grumpy  Old Woman!

So your turn, come and share your pain with me!




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