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Outsourced Pregnancy, No pain, You gain!


I walked into the office this morning, picked up my free copy of the Express, my coffee and sat down for  breakfast before tackling another week of work.

 The photo on the Front page captured my attention, a happy Oriental couple holding a very contented baby with an Indian lady.  Then I read the  caption which totally made me feel quite dazed!  Outsouced Pregnancies, are you for real?

A Bangkok-based company has gone on the Internet offering the service of surrogate mothers despite there being no law -as yet -that allows the practice of ‘outsourced pregnancies’

I had to look up the clinic on the Internet and got very confused.

The website is called babe 101 which in a literal sense, quite apt! Yet the media refers to this clinic which must have come from the web add, as Babe 1001. What with the extra ‘0′? But that is the least of my concern here.

This is a Taiwanese owned business that tried to escape from the Taiwanese legal loop hole by setting  up the clinic outside Taiwan. Read this, from their FAQ,

Where is your Taiwan branch? What is the address ?
For now, surrogacy in Taiwan is legal, but illegal for commercial surrogacy agency; for this, we set reception offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. And contact office in Viet-Nam(you may refer to phone/e-mail to contact us or visit us in person !)We have been doing our best to strengthen our credibility, to complete clients’ request and maintain our reputation is the prime guideline we have reserved.
In Taiwan, we are now consulting with attorney to set an office to provide more service; also we get ready to apply a legal surrogacy agency in Taiwan asap while restriction has been removed.

The poor English makes this even harder to accept! But there is more,

Why should I need surrogate mother ? What’s the advantage of surrogate mother for surrogate births?
  1. Choosing a health and young woman, it can provide the baby a superior environment of birth.
  2. Female of consignors can get rid of any inconvenience and uncomfortableness.
  3. The consignors can continue to work without worrying about losing job or business intermission. It is quite suitable for the women who desire to have kids but no time for pregnancy.
  4. Unnecessary to fear birth pangs.
  5. Unnecessary to worry about out of shapes on stature; neither to fear the intimacy fading with husband.
  6. Embryo selecting can pick up the best quality one to implant into young and health surrogate mother. The finest combination surely makes you be more confident to your child.
  7. Without sufferings birth pangs、out of shape, no intermission on business or job. However the baby is 100% blood relationship with you.
  8. Under extremely strict control and selecting in all process, it is much higher possibility to have outstanding than normal.
  9. No descends is somewhat a regret for one’s family, with our assistance, you can successfully carry on.

The word “mother” is no longer apt and they are now  referred to here as “the female consignor“, the birth process has no sacred value and consigned to a business transaction! This demeans the whole principle of  family!

Infertility is a sad medical condition for couples that wish to start a family. The process of discovering that you are infertile is a painful and traumatic one. Therefore, a chance to become parents to these couples will seem  god-sent. But to actually make this,  a commercial transaction,  is highly unethical. Not only to the couple but also to the surrogate mothers.

In plain English, the blurb means,

You can have someone else get pregnant on your behalf at a fee. The  benefits are:

  •  don’t have to look unsightly or suffer the birth pain,  not to mention the illness of pregnancy!
  • can still carry on working!
  • can carry on having sexual pleasure without the interruption of a pregnancy!

 A friend of mine said that means sex will be for pleasure only and not procreation! Now tell me if you agree, is this highly unethical or what!


2 thoughts on “Outsourced Pregnancy, No pain, You gain!

  1. Human is gradually far from being human!

  2. 7. Without sufferings birth pangs、out of shape, no intermission on business or job. However the baby is having 100% bloody relationship with you….


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