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Me, the Animals

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I’m an animal fiend. Those sleepy koala, fluffy panda, cute dogs and such are my best friends. I can smile even when they do stupid things. They have an “adorable gene” runs in their veins. Sometimes I wish I could be those little dog on a rich lady lap, flying away from human’s troubles here. However there’re some animals that I don’t wish to be them.

1. Maa or Dog หมา

If I were a dog here in Thailand. I could live as a king in a luxurious mansion and had someone fed me with expensive meat in a silver spoon. At the same time, if I were plain dog without excellent pedigree or good breeds to back me up, I could end up on streets, living freely as street dogs. It was good to live my life as free as a bird. Still, there’s always a ‘but’. Food is the first but. It is a golden rule for most street dogs to live around restaurants district where food are plenty in the trash cans. A big piece of bad meat can be compared to delicacy from always-furious Chef Ramsay. But they could expect it only when they found kind people. Life like the reality show “Survivor” is the next but. Street dogs have to outlast their friends on street. They can be voted out from this world by speedy cars, mean people, or even other street dogs. Want to know the worst case scenario? Then be street dogs in Isaarn or noth-easthern part of Thailand. Some of the dogs here is not the object for fussing about. But it’s a big meal for dog meat lovers. Rest in peace, my friends in the dog heaven.

2. Hiea or Monitor Lizard เฮี้ย

Although Hiea’s apperance doesn’t fit at all with the word “adorable”, my heart goes out for them. Why? Because it’s the animal that always takes the blame from us people. In Thai language, hiea has two meanings:

  • The monitor lizard
  • A swear word. A degree of hiea as the swear word can equal to f**k in English. Therefore, when someone does something very bad and evil, he will be called “Hiea!” This is why I perceive Hiea as my poor animal. They do nothing wrong in their lives, except that they kill and eat chickens or other smaller animals once in a while. But it’s the way life is. They have to do it for survival purposes. Why do their name deserve to be the bad word?

3. Panda แพนด้า

Why panda is in my list when the father, the mother, and their baby girl are our nation’s sweetheart? Then imagine yourself in a mirror room. All your actions, eating, sleeping, or even scratching your balls, are monitored by strangers. Who are these strangers? They are not family and not even in the same species! Can you feel how frustrated they are?

Here in Thailand, what kinds of animals you want to be or not to be? Bye for now. I have to go watch Linping’s progress. Oops!!!


One thought on “Me, the Animals

  1. Well I might add Lopburi monkeys, elephant dressed up as pandas or my dreaded pet hate, the snakes!

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