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It can only happen here or can it?

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So we are in mid August now and what has happened this month to make Thailand, the world greatest tourist attraction you might wonder. Umm so do I.

Could it be that we just hosted the Guinness World  Record Screaming competition in Pattaya? You decide.

Wasn’t that spectacular! Something to come over and scream, lol!  Well this is something  I’m glad  that we didn’t win! Can you just imagine what it’ll be like if one of these girls, did win! But honestly, they are doing this all wrong! Just go and measure the decibel at the Jonas Brothers concert, I’m sure that will be a world record!

Right just for the record,

Loudest scream by a crowd
A scream by a group of Scouts (all Finland) was measured to reach a level of 127.2 dBA, in the grounds of Toivala’s Metsäkoulu, Siilinjärvi, Finland on 16 April 2005.

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