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Too sexy for the college Dons?


This morning the  old debate gets another airing in some newspapers: Do you think university students unforms are too sexy? 

Well these girls (and some wanna be girls) have been wearing their uniforms x-rated for more than a dacade so what is the big news!  We should be immuned to this!  Save a few  green, lecheruos expats that read the stickman  and tfs2m!

Here is what I think, yes these girls wear their uniforms too tight. But they’re girls  who have spent most of their lives in Thai school uniforms!  This is their first opportunity to explore their sexuality publicly. Why stop them! I’m not saying that this is the only avenue to explore their sexuality, come on this is the twentieth century but that stuff is done in private!

I’ve been to school outside Thailand and can vouch that all teenagers, especially the late teens are all alike, hormones raging! The shortness of skirts and the tightness of their blouses here are no different from what American cheerleaders get up to nor the British schoolgirls and their uniforms. Come on, most will grow out of this phase if not then the little nymphomaniac will be earning so chill out!

Here is the originator of uniform fetishes,the St Trinians, picture courtesy of The Sun Newspaper 2009

St Trinians, the archetype of sexy girls in uniform! © 2009 The Sun Newspaper

Perhaps the problem here is voyeurism and not the girls!

I went to uni with no uniforms, still we all played at being tarty! This is a rite of passage and a pretty healthy one at that. So you can take the uniform away but I bet some girls will still find ways of attracting the opposite sex by wearing something short, skimpy and tight fitted as an attempt to be femme fatale!


3 thoughts on “Too sexy for the college Dons?

  1. umm just remembered the all new St Trinians movie is due for release in October and the trailor looks fun! Go see at http://sttriniansthemovie.com/

  2. The movie is hilarious!
    By the way, I think there’re some issues that should be more concerned when it comes to student issues, like video clips showing students’ catfight that I’ve seen every other day.

  3. Yes, its not what they wear that we should be concerned with but rather what they do!

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