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Fakery is a legitimate art form in Thailand

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Thailand has long been associated with counterfeit designers goods. You name it, you can get a copy at a fraction of the price.  A definite God sent to all fashionable young ladies with a lean income.  I’m sure that every fashion conscious Thai, owns at least one counterfeit Louis Vuitton!  But I bet you didn’t know that there is a museum dedicated to showing counterfeit goods,  did you?

Designer bags
Designer bags

 Yes, it’s true and this has been legitimised! The museum is housed at the Tilleke & Gibbins, one of the oldest international  law firm in Thailand.  Isn’t that just too much! A law firm specialised in intellectual property law, has an on-site museum dedicated to counterfeit goods!

Reading the blurb you get from the museum, the  firm inherited so many counterfeit items  from their cases that the partners decide they might as well create a museum!

This is a must visit place, at least once! And if you think that the exhibits only limit to fashion items then you are wrong! Here are just examples of what else are on display.

Imitation Foods!

Imitation Foods!

Now if you think fake foods are odd enough, let me tell you that it doesn’t stop there!
Imitation car parts!

Imitation car parts!

  And even …

Imitation Office Supplies

Imitation Office Supplies

Tickle your fancy? Here is the  address:

Supalai Grand Tower, 26th Floor
1011 Rama 3 Road
Chongnonsi Road, Yannawa
Bangkok 10120, Thailand
T: +66 2653 5555
F: +66 2653 5678
E: bangkok@tillekeandgibbins.com


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