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Hutanra. The New Thai Martial Art


I found this new branch of Thai martial art Hutanra in youtube. It’s far different from well-known Muay Thai. As I watch from the footage, a master of Hutanra can attack people with just his fingertip or even without touching his rivals at all. It seems like some kind of indescriable inner strength is used here!

Here is the translation of subtitle in the video:

Around 15,000 years before Buddha era, according to Bhinga legend of Tanyashi, once there was a monk named Bhra Buddha Bhothiyasuwanthara or Sawan who taught Thanyashi the martial art. So he could protect himself and created a secret force called ‘Tanyashi Force’ to protect religion.

Now, society is decadent and in chaos. Therefore, we would like to teach some part of Tanyashi Force’s martial art to outsiders, under the sign of Mara with Eight Wheels


Do you believe it?

Me: The video is entertaining to watch, just like cartoon! I think the Hutanra master was inspired by X-men and Japanese comic combined to create his martial art. I wish he duels with one of Muay Thai boxers. I just want to see who’s going to be knocked the wind out first.

2 thoughts on “Hutanra. The New Thai Martial Art

  1. I do some more research. Watch this to counter the above video!

  2. ha haa

    Well I have to say give the sect leader or the master as he wished to call himself, some credit for being cringe, cringe, creative! But as for the followers, umm guess they are not very bright as it took real martial art expert less than 5 min to floor their master and they still sit there following!

    Umm there is one born every minute!

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