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Here it is in print: What Thai Girls Look for in a Foreign Guy


Most Wanted by Thai Women

Most Wanted by Thai Women

Bangkok Diary recent blog entitled Hot or Not? What Thai Girls Look for in a Foreign Guy which at a glance, suggests that Thai girls (the under 30’s) are only interested in tall, well built, well dressed guy but failing that a farang ATM machine. 

Here it is, read it, cringe,  and tell me if you agree that Danny of Bangkok Diary is equally empty headed as the Thai girls he claimed to have studied!

1. The Vin Diesel type is better off staying at Home as  Thai girl is fairly short and as thin as a stick – she’d probably be terrified of someone Vin Diesel’s size! 

2. The Clothes Make The Man -the average Thai male will be wearing nice shoes, designer jeans, and a stylist dress shirt. So follow suit and you will instantly be elevating yourself above 90% of the foreigners in Thailand, and receiving much more attention from the opposite sex to boot.

3. Skin Colour Does Matter – in Thailand, people are judged all the time based on skin tone.  The whiter the skin, the more attractive, wealthy, and elite a person is perceived to be!

4. Loose the Beer Gut – fitter guys appear younger, healthier, and generally more desirable to Thai girls!

5. When All Else Fails (None of the above: ATM card at the ready!)

This listis all about appearance and money! This goes to show that Danny only knows the type of girls that money can buy!

Yes, Thai society seems to judge most by face values, something I’m sadly disappointed with. But just think  about this if beautiful Thai women are willing to give their lives up for fat, greedy, nerdy as well as needy farang guys with money then why not, good luck to them I say.

Another blogger at Leosia, also commented on this article and summed up by saying,

In Thai culture it is “what you look like” and “what you have” which is considered important, not “who you are”. This has important repercussions for how westerners interact and present themselves – and often results in misunderstandings as to the true nature of a relationship.

Now you girls out there, of course I’m referring to you Thai girls out there, what do you think about all this? Are the farangs right? Are we superficial and do we choose to date farang because … and  according to Danny again,

The majority of Thai guys tend to be short, thin, and somewhat effeminate.  Foreigners, on the other hand, tend to be taller, heavier built, and more masculine …

 So are you BF’s Thai or farang?  Tell us why you date them and are we that superficial?


4 thoughts on “Here it is in print: What Thai Girls Look for in a Foreign Guy

  1. Interesting article. I date only farang men since I was in college. Well, Thai men seem to be a little bit too shy when they talk to me. I’m sure not all of them are that way but this is just from my experience. To me, farang men are more confident and out spoken and I like that in a man. I like when a guy can communicate and be more direct to the point. First, women are attracted to his personalities and then his appearance. Second, it’s about what he does for living and his education. Again these are based on what type of education she has and her family background. If a girl has a hard life and no education then she wouldn’t mind much about the level of her farang BF’s education. She just want a farang man(fat or thin) who can support her and her family. This is sad but true. It depends on the level of her desperation. When you meet a Thai girl who is well educated and beautiful with a great career then she usually look for a good looking-rich and well educated farang men.
    The more these women date, the higher standard they have. Sad but true. I hope this give you some ideas about women.

    Now you probably understand why some pretty Thai girls walking with bald, fat and unattractive farang men. I’m sure there are true love out there but under that beautiful smiles-it may mean something else more than what you think.

    A Thai flight attendant in Chicago

  2. Hi Venita,

    Thanks for your comment and I agree with you 100%. I used to date farang guys but not because of the race factor as look alone never has long lasting appeal! What I find attractive in men are GSH and intellect and not look! Look comes into the equation only as eye candy but never would I date a guy because of look!

    Guess most farangs inThailand are like schoolboys being let lose in a candy store. You have to wait until they get sick before they see sense!


  3. Yes see sense…… ,

    i am one of them … AN X- school boy …

    Ive Been here too long and have a very twisted view on it all .. Never really got into the Bar girl scene ,well for other than a one night stand … most farangs are just plastic ,also looking for eye candy and someone at least 2 decades younger than themselves
    to replace their aging fat old wives .

    .. Bar girls should never be chosen for wives they have way too many hidden agendas… Kids – Money- Extra Husbands . 🙂

    but like the author says …. good luck if your happy with a woman that doesnt love you..
    but loves your money ..

    as long as YOUR happy right ?? 🙂

    Sorry .. none of it lasts .. ive been living in Thailand for 7/8 years and came over in my early 30’s ..

    the women love me .. all you need to be is look young .. blonde hair and blue eyes which the author didnt tell you about as a thai girls ultimate preference . and preferably wicked looking hair !

    but after a while all the womanizing is useless .
    if a woman isnt educated she is generally WAY too hollow for a western mans attention span .. he will stay for good sex , but lets face it ..
    when theres nothing in common your always going to battle to stay together … and you usually end up using her !

    thank god there are so many women here all looking for mister right .. i think i could have been married 100 times in the 8 years since ive been here ..

  4. Ethan, you have as much chance of bagging a stunner as arsenal do of being champions! Read the ladies comments ^^^^^^^…you sound like an 11 year old…don’t think that was on their wish list!

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