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Remember Those Days: Puuyai Lee Kab Nang Ma

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During six years of my junior to senior high, one of my favorite extra curriculum is outside reading. Every year, fictions from Thai authors were selected as a reading assignment for students.

 I proudly present my no.1 outside reading novels Puuyai Lee Kab Nang Ma.


The story tells a life of Malinee or Ma, a model who lived in Bangkok. One day she inherited a land in upcountry from her grandmother. At first, she wanted to sell the land because she didn’t want to move there and still loved her comfortable life in Bangkok. But when her boyfriend walked out on her, she changed her mind to move out from Bangkok and lived in the heritaged land.

But life in the suburb wasn’t as convenient as life in Bangkok. Malinee had to learn to live on her own. To take care of her own land and agriculture jobs were Malinee’s biggest burden. However, she’d learned a valuable lesson and changed her attitude when she met Leenawat or Puuyai Lee who taught her the easy sufficient rural life.

Puuyai Lee Kab Nang Ma was written by Karnchana Nakanant in 1963. The novel is considered old but its content is still contemporary. That’s why it has been adapted many times, on both silver screen and television. The latest version to which I’m addicted is now aired on Channel 3 every Friday to Sunday night. Although the script and a lot of details in the soap are changed to fit with current society, the essence of the novel is still there: “self-sufficient way of life” And this is the vital part that make the series Puuyai Lee Kab Nang Ma outstanding from other nonsense soaps.

The sufficient way of life doesn’t mean we have to flee from Bangkok and being a farmer like Malinee. Living life sufficiently can vary, depending on your discretion.

I already have my own self-sufficient way of life, inspired by Puuyai Lee Kab Nang Ma. What about yours?

Now I leave you to a series I love at the moment. It’s based from the novel Puuyai Lee Kab Nang Ma. This TV series is something I NEED to watch every Friday to Sunday night. Enjoy:)

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