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The New Malady

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Name: Technologism

Symtom: Look anxious when not having notebook, Blackberry or other cutting edge technology on hand.

Complication: Technologism isn’t a mortal illness but it can cause many complications to hosts. Since this syndrome destroys your restraint in spending, debt and malnutrition caused by economical difficulties are the main threat.

Prevention: Leave the town once in a while and immurse yourself in the beauty of natural attractions.


It’s been 3 days 10 hours 28 minutes since I catch this malady. It began when my mobile was destroyed by me, not on purpose. Falling down from a 3-storey apartment, it has a severe wound on the front and a malfanction of incoming call.  

The worst part of this sickness is I’m broke! So I’ve decided that I don’t need the cure, I mean the new mobile right now. It’s not a big deal. I’m pretty sure that I can survive without it.

Beep. Beep. Beep. These noises from others’ mobiles prove me wrong. I keep figeting and turning and reaching for ‘nothing’ in my bag every time I heard the sounds. It’s a miserable life after all without the mobile, the sms, mms things in my life. I know right then that I’m sick. I try to calm myself down and my symtom gets better when I add some new friends in Facebook.

And when I think about it again, this symtom isn’t limited to only mobile. It includes other technology as well: computer, Internet, Blog, Twitter. I can’t return to the old world where the fastest communication is telegram anymore. Only the thought of losing all of these technologies kill me! I’m in a coma dude!

How long will you think you can survive without the technology? Me? I think I have to go to Pantip right now. Nokia is waiting for me!

Thanks for photo from www.trawut.com


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