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Being woman and Thai at that!

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So we got your attention with the words Thai and Women right.  Sorry to disappoint those who arrived here by typing Thai and woman in their search boxes hoping to find something else. But thanks for improving my stats!

This is a statement and a half: being female is not easy, compare to male, regardless of nationality, class, education or geography. Regardless of Germaine Greer and any good that came out of The Female Eunuch! What’s more being female here in Thailand is doubly so.  It might not seem so on appearance but that’s just it the appearance!

A lot of this has to do with perception, how Thai women wanted to be perceived and how they are perceived! See what we have to put up with!

This is a great ad but at the end of the day it is still conforms to the Cinderella trick to sell no matter how original the creative director is! This ad sums up the dilemma of most Thai women; we need to make ourselves look attractive at all time as look is very important! Some woman have iron will and will miss meals so they can afford the look.

Here is another!

Classified ad for Mia Noy

Classified ad for Mia Noy

So being female in Thailand does have its disadvantages and some perks, huh! Who could turn down the option of an easy life?  Being “mia noy” that is mistress to non Thai speakers, to wealthy farangs that love to shower attention on us, no string attached for example.

And just look at the fame we have gained, bah notoriety, the BBC comedy hit, Little Britain even created a character for us, Ting Tong from Tooting!

Seriously though, how would you define Thai women? Are we any different from other races? Are we forever looking out for farangs to swindle their money or are we a serious good time girl who would do anything for a few dollars!

Tell us how do you see Thai women and more importantly for all Thai women out there, how do you define yourselves?  Why do we need to conform to what people want us to be?

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