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Number 5: Easy escape to the country

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We are back to my list of 10 things I love about this country again. So here is why I listed this as number 5!

I often wonder what attract foreigners to our country. Many times, the answer I get is how beautiful and unspoilt our countryside is and they are right.

We sometimes overlook beauty that stares us right in the face! 

All it takes to find the unspoilt countryside  is for you to get out of Bangkok.  The trick is getting out and once you’re out the rolling landscape just bewitch you.

Let me show you instead of talking about this!


Ayutthaya, within an hour if you are lucky, you can be in this landscape!


Saraburi sunflowers fields, not Provence, France!


Nakorn Pathom has guesthouses that allow you to sleep under the stars!

Samed Beach

Samed island takes a bit more effort as it takes 2 hours drive and a boat ride to get there!

This is not all, if you want to go down South to the unspoilt beaches of Samui, that is an hour flight away and up north to Chiang Rai and the mountains, that is also an hour away! How lucky are we to have all this!

Yes, number 5 reason why I love it here is the beautiful rural Thailand.


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