Thai Life, live, reflected and quote back

Deja vu!

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As I read from Australian news, recently, people from Down Under is crazy about the first baby elephant born from Thai elephant Thong Dee in Taronga zoo, Sydney. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25741344-12377,00.html 

Thong Dee, former street elephant in BKK, is one of four other elephants brought from Thailand to Taronga zoo in 2006 as part of an elephant breeding program, intending to preserve the species. I feel happy for them that they are taken care well. They have a pool to swim in, proper food each meal, and their relaxing time under the Australian sun. http://www.taronga.org.au/tcsa/media/media-releases/taronga’s-elephants-enjoying-life-in-sydney.aspx

On the 4th July, (nothing relevant to the Americans), Thong Dee gave birth to her son. And the public was invited to submit the names for the new-born elephant. Now, more than 30,000 suggestions were delivered to the zoo. The given name of the young elephant finally picked by his mahout was “Luk Chai” or son in English.

Luk Chai is not only Australians’ sweetheart, he becomes the main attraction of the zoo. Numbers of visitors, who want to see the cute and exotic Luk Chai, skyrocket to 12,000 each day.

If you think back to our land of smile, do you notice any similarities here?


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