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Mama Index

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When it comes to economic issues, I’m positive you’re familiar with Nikkei, Hangseng, or Down Jones. But in Thailand, we’re more comfortable with “Mama Index”. A weird name, isn’t it?

 In fact, Mama’s a well-know brand of Thai instant noodle. Plenty of them are sold widely from local kiosks to hi-so supermarkets. We also have Wai Wai, Kung King, Yum Yum, etc. in the market. But we generically call all instant noodles as Mama, like you call a cotton bud Q-tip. To offer us alternatives, Mama provides various flavors, from Tom Yam Gung to Korean spicy soup.

But did you know that Mama isn’t the only plain edible product? It also plays an important role in Thai society? Mama’s our economic indicator. Why? After several years of observation by locals and a confirmation by economists, Mama’s sales volume has a reverse variation with economic state.

During economic crisis, we try to cut our cost of living as much as possible. Also when the liquidity almost runs dry at the end of each month because of heavy spent or credit card debt. Mama, only 6 Baht per pouch, is the best way out for us.

Thanks for photo from www.mama.co.th


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