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Ti Amo! Casanova!

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casanovaI was stunned when I first saw him. He appeared to be a middle-aged guy with long legs and a perfect smile. My heart jumped back and forth rapidly. I swore to god that I’d never felt like this before. My girls wandering around told me that his name is Casanova. My ears were cocking, my eyes were sparkling, and my tail was wagging as I heard his name. Yes, I fell in love with a male dog named Casanova. Plus, it’s a love at first sight!

I made the first move by walking straight to him, licking his ears and face. Normally, I’m a shy dog but I guess my actions were driven by a combination of endorphin and a feeling called love. He was a little bit shocked but he accepted my move by licking back. Then we had our first talk. 

 He said he was here to visit some friends and he would publish their stories in his blog. For those out there who want to visit casanova’s blog. Here is the address. http://bkkstreetdogs.blogspot.com/2005/01/welcome-from-casanova.html

The blog was truly my type, as well as the blogger. It’s nothing but street dogs’ stories in Bangkok. So don’t expect dogs with qualified pedigree or dogs with trophies here.  Casanova came up with groundbreaking writing technique. He acted as a voice for other members of BKK street dogs. Every dog had different characteristics and point of views. Thus, we could get a clear understanding what it felt like to be the street dogs.

Casanova is an optimistic type of guy.(It’s the quality that I’m looking for in a guy.) He said that we street dogs could find happiness in our own unique ways even though BKK crappy atmosphere didn’t appropiate for the word “happiness” and some human was cruel to us.

 He added that he wanted to use his blog as a medium between us and Bankokians so that they would get to know us better and be kind to us all.  I was sure that if Casanova could run for the Bangkok Governor, he would beat other candidates definitely. Unluckily, the human didn’t offer this opportunity for dogs. It’s not fair!!!


I didn’t notice that the sun was set. It’s unbelievable that we talked almost 4 hours! Spending time with him, I could do something like this for eternity. I felt that our chemistries were the perfect match. And I guessed he felt the same way as he kissed me in the cheek when we parted. (Actually, I hoped for something more.) I didn’t forget to leave him my location, hoping he would stop by and further our relationship.

PS. Thanks for the photo from Casanova too! (I wish I could have one with his autograph on it!)


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