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Number 4: Food, glorious food!

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Now, we are on my number 4 on my list of reasons why I love Thailand. The Food! Need I say more!

I’m sure that everyone will agree on their love of Thai food.

Think Thai Food then these are the typical list you’d get: Pad Thai, Green Curry, Tom Yum Gung and Som Tam. But we Thais, know that there’s much more to Thai food than that! Nam Prik, for example, is what I regard as our national dish, of which there are hundreds of variations.  And curries are not limited to just green, there are red, yellow or jungle. Yes, you heard right  jungle curry, my most favourite curry of all time.  

Though I have to agree on Som Tam, being on that list. Personally I think it’s the best food on the planet but there is a clause to this, i.e. when it’s made properly! Beware of the cloned Som Tam that might look like a Som Tam but taste nothing like Som Tam!

Number 4 reason for loving Thailand, Som Tam

Photograph courtesy of http://www.simply-thai.com

Having Som Tam is a very sensual experience! It’s sex on a plate and  beats gooey chocolate cake any day.  Let me tell you why Som Tam is everything you ever want on a plate.

1. There are so many variations on the theme so you will never get bored.  The key to a good Som Tam is harmony of taste, flavours and texture.  2. In one mouthful, you can experience every tastes known to man! The different textures carry different tastes experience. Even when you accidentally bite  into the lime skin and get the bitterness, it’s a pleasure!  3. Som Tam is social food and should never be eaten alone! The joy of competing for the last spoonful!

Having Som Tam is a step into Issarn (North Eastern) culture. Issarn food is fantastic but I do have my limit!  Dishes involve insects or raw meat are no go!  But the vegetarian options are spectacular. Mushrooms grilled and made into Laab makes my mouth water at the thought. Omm is a soup dish and it’s on the way to become my most favourite comfort food and if you haven’t tried this, you must! I recommend  chicken Omm though the vegetable one is equally good.

I can spend all day talking about this and might write more on this subject as I’m food obsessed as if you haven’t guessed!

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  1. บ้องตันค่ะ บ้องตัน

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