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Number 3: Hope and a happy go lucky attitude

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Hope, Optimism, suuny side up!

Sunny-Side Up 🙂

Number 3 on my list was Hope.

When I wrote that, I was thinking of what I consider to be the essentially Thai character trait.  I feel that most Thais are optimistic in their outlooks to life and that gives rise to hope and to me hope is one of the most precious commodity in this world – much more so than oil or rice!

Imagine if you can extract hope into bottles and sell that will make you richer than Bill Gate I’m sure!

Thai optimism makes us a happy-go-lucky race. This is special.

Most Thais do not obsessively analyze and mulled things over. Therefore life here seems less stressful.  We are not overtly concern with making mistakes. If you did something wrong, as long as you admit and apologize, you are forgiven. You get a second … Na you get third, fourth, fifth … chances.

Having lived away from Thailand for many decades I have a good vantage point. In the west, I have learnt to become a thinker, I have learnt to over values rationale. This, I feel, has made me created an overwhelming sense of guilt that weighed me down!

On my return, I noticed that Thais do not behave like that. When they walk, they do not drag their bodies like dead weights around or walked so fast as if they are trying to take flight. They just stroll. They are walking, not concerned about getting there as they know that they will arrive finally.  There are springs to their steps. Some even sashays though that could be their high heels!

They look outwards so they are in step with what is going on.  And it’s this that I have labeled hope.

By not taking things to hearts and being generous and forgiving, Thais are optimistic and eternally hopeful race. It’s a quality that I admire. 

Hope is precious. With hope, brings new life.


One thought on “Number 3: Hope and a happy go lucky attitude

  1. Your blog reminds me of a British film Happy-Go-Lucky.
    I love this flick and I think we Thais are like Poppy in many ways.
    We always look on the bright side.
    We’re generous.
    We love to chill out.
    Above all, we love to be us!

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