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Number 1: The Spirit of Genorosity?

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smiling faces

smiling faces

In my last post I listed 10 things I love about Thailand. Number 1 was the spirit of generosity.

Thais have a generous nature but don’t mistake this to mean giving!

Here is a good example.  I was in Chanttaburi visiting a friend and could not find her house. I stopped to ask a  farmer who insisted on taking me to where I wanted to go which was about a kilometer away and walked back. When I offered to drive him back, he thanked me and said the walk will do him good!

This man cares enough to make sure that I get to where I wanted to go and getting me there makes him feel happy, happy to be of help and that is reward within itself for him!

Farangs, be ware! If you stop  locals to ask direction, some might giggle and ran away but don’t take this to heart. It’s not a personal insult. Most probable scenario is they feel embarrassed!

 Right, before you tell me otherwise, of course, there will always be exceptions to the rules but I’m glad that it remains exceptions.

This spirit of generosity runs deep here.

 A way of greeting visitor is : have you eaten? Now that to me speaks volume, doesn’t it?

Generosity, in this case, means generous in the heart and mind.

Thai word for this is JAI DEE  which can be roughly translated as “good heart” and it’s this quality that makes Thailand the country of my choice.

Good hearted means compassionate, caring, expecting no returns.

One thought on “Number 1: The Spirit of Genorosity?

  1. What a lovely story!

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