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Moonwalk Forever

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Let’s pay tribute to Michael Jackson and his unforgetable moonwalk at www.eternalmoonwalk.com Moonwalk here isn’t limited to only your foot steps. As far as I see, dogs, dolls, or even fingers can be used to do the moonwalk! I think I’m gonna push my big-belly hubby to moonwalk with me. Enjoy and see you at the eternalmoonwalk.com.


One thought on “Moonwalk Forever

  1. I’m sure that this is how Michale would want to be remembered!

    Watching the clip, took me back to my teenage years, perfecting my moonwalk with friends in the front room!

    We were MJ fans big way and even learnt the thriller steps!

    Hearing of his death has made me remebered how much life he brought me and my friends in our teens.

    Right, in my mind, I’m doing the steps now!

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