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10 Things I love about you, Thailand!


Living in Thailand can often be challenging specially of late, no need to mention why.

This made me take a long look at why I choose to live here. Yes it was a choice, even if I was born here. 

I came up with a few reasons that made me stay instead of runaway.

So here goes,

    1. The spirit of generosity
    2. The Tolerance
    3. Hope, the people here are very optimistic!
    4. The Food
    5. I can escape into beautiful countryside
    6. Access to Buddhism
    7. Its never boring!
    8. Easy living
    9. The schizophrenic nature of life here.
    10 Heart before head

Do you agree? If not then share yours. Then we can compare notes.

Next post will be the reasons why.


2 thoughts on “10 Things I love about you, Thailand!

  1. 1. Nose Udom Taepanich
    2. Weekend Market
    3. Chumphon, my home town
    4. The movie “The Tin Mine” or Mahalai Muang Rae
    5. pantip.com
    6. The song “Goodnight” by Fakkling hero featuring Tee Chaidej
    7. Friends and family
    8. Beach
    9. Chiangmai
    10. Somtum and other Isaan food

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