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The Gypsy Medicine Maker Rocks!

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I think she’s cooler than Batman, Spiderman and Superman combined. They’re all fictional. But Dr.Krisana Kraisintu is my real-life heroine who saves the day by helping HIV patients.

Superman has to fight against the Kryptonite or Batman against The Joker. Dr.Krisana has to face struggles like normal hero or heroine do. While traveling from place to place in Africa to do her mission possible (This gains her nickname ‘The Gypsy Medicine Maker’), she survived a bomb in Congo and still alive after 5 robberies.

Her life action aside, what is more important Dr.Krisana gives to this world is her determination and generosity. She has a strong determination to make HIV drugs affordable to all patients. When this goal is accomplished, her generosity is obvious enough; she allows the medicines to be distributed, not only in her homeland but also in other countries in need, Africa to be more specific. Her kindness doesn’t end there. She ensures that the medicines can be manufactured there, and sought to build a factory in the Congo.

If Batman’s praised by citizens of Gotham, Dr.Krisana is wider complimented, several times. Here’s the prove:
In 2004, she gained Global Scientist Award from Norway.
Last year, she was named Asian of the Year from magazine Reader’s digest.
And this year’s Magsaysay Award in Public Service goes to this lady.
Her life is portrayed in a documentary named A Right to Live – Aid Medication for Millions (2006) and it was awarded in Cannes Film Festival. Besides, a broadway show called Cocktail is inspired by her life.

To be honest with you guys, I have nothing relevant to what Dr.Krisana have done and her work doesn’t give me any benefits. Why should I care? But her dedication and her hard work makes my head turn to her direction. She becomes the kind of person I look up to at this moment.

Follow Dr.Krisana’s life and chat with her here: www.krisana.org or www.oknation.net/blog/Kraisintu

Thanks for photo from www.agalico.com

One thought on “The Gypsy Medicine Maker Rocks!

  1. She should be our girls’ idol and not some air head actresses or pop princesses’ that just look good!

    We are veering dangerously into the realm of superficiality. Krisana to the rescue, make her our idol!

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