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Thai media has caught bird (Nok) flu

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Nok Noppawan Junior Wimbledon champion

image license|Image:Noppawan Lertcheewakarn - Wimbledon

If you live in Thailand, not a hard core tennis fan, you might not have known that Federer has won the Men Single for the sixth time or that Roddick took him to the fifth set and only lost two points in the final game. But you’d have heard of another Wimbledon winner.  Nok, Noppawan Lertcheewakarn who won at Wimbledon. Yes, Thailand has a Wimbledon winner. OK, at junior level. 

She has been hailed our great new hope.  Another chance for us to have a sporting heroine and as one TNN newsreader quickly noted, a Tamarine replacement.

Nok has also achieved the impossible back home, something  that only one other infamous baby have been able to do this year. Guess who? Yes,  our very cute and cuddly baby panda. Do you want to know what that great achievement is? Take the limelight away from Mr. T and the colours politic that seemed to dominate the headlines since the airport siege. The media has been running ring around her and so they should as this is worthy news.

I caught Nok on TV and she, like her tennis, has impressed me. A true spark and more importantly a single minded determination which is a mark of a winner.
It is refreshing to see an articulate 17  year old who knows what she wants in life and more t importantly, knows what she needs to do to make it comes true.   She is committed to her tennis and is willing to make sacrifice along the way. Now all you young ladies out there, take note. 🙂  Anyone can dream of becoming a world class tennis player but only a handful will make it.  Why?  Because it takes determination, commitment and sacrifice as well as talent to make it!

My concern is that the pressure of carrying Thailand hope will be too much for her. Not many junior grand slam champion makes it at senior level, only Steffi and Mauresmo have managed that! So the road ahead is hard even without the media pressure!

Now back on home turf and its only her first day, she has been paraded around different TV studios, interviewed by countless journalists. Then she will travel up to Chiangmai and be introduced to another young hope for Thailand, the baby panda and only then will she have time to be with her family.

Let us celebrate her achievements,

At the 2009 Wimbledon Championships, Lertcheewakarn won her first junior grand slam singles title by defeating Junior World Junior No.1 Kristina Mladenovicin the final, 3-6, 6-3, 6-1. Lertcheewakarn and Sally Peerslater faced Mladenovic and Silvia Nirjic in the Doubles contest the following day and won comprehensively, 6-1, 6-1 in the final.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noppawan_Lertcheewakarn#Personal_life

Now that is something worthy especially when she was two points from losing the first round to get to tis final.
Tennis is great, we can make it a philosophy of life, play out until the very final set! No loser or winner until the last point is won!

Game, set and match to Nok.

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