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The New Patent From Thailand

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Did you hear Kun Tongdaeng, HM favourite four-legged friend, is going to have a canine equivalent of a knighthood bestowed on her? She is being patented! Yes,  you heard right.
Tongdang to be patented

Tongdaeng to be patented

I didn’t know that you can patent a living thing and to be honest, the idea  feels strange, similar to how I feel about cloning.
According to  Prachathai and Mathichon, Kun Tongdaeng will be patented, to become a prototype for  Thai dogs of this breed. Perhaps prototype is the wrong word but that is what the Science and Technology Ministry is saying. Only dogs that have the look of Kun Tongdaeng and of the same breed can then be called “authentic.”  Why do this now? Apparently, to conserve this breed and to quote,
‘…  preventing them from disappearing from the country. The number of authentic Thai dogs has decreased because people prefer foreign breeds.
( Minister of Science and Technology)’  
The life of Kun Tongdaeng, surely, is worthy of Hollywood epic especially one directed by the like of Spielberg! It’s a rag to riches story. An abandoned puppy, got adopted by a benevolent King who bestowed everything her heart desires,  there is even a book attributed to her and now she is immortalised!
Surely by making a Hollywood will make this breed a sort after one and regain its popularity and much more fun too.
How will she be patented? Nope, they are not going to clone Kun Tongdaeng but she will have a 3-d image scanned then she will have her body shape measured and scrutinised until they can come up with a formula which they will use to specify dogs of her breed. So not too painful or unethical then!
But how would she feel if she knows that all street dogs that haven’t her look but are from her breed, will soon be cast off as not pure bred. Will she stand for it I wonder? Perhaps we can expect a sequel; Kun Thondaeng fights for equality for all dogs.

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