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Why Transformers Don’t Exist in Thailand.

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The action-packed movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is something I love lately. I found a hilarious and creative public forum in pantip.com that is, more or less, connected to the flick. www.pantip.com/cafe/chalermthai/topic/A8016156/A8016156.html  It’s about ‘why transformers don’t exist in Thailand’

the autobots & the decepticons

The autobots and the decepticons are planning to hide themselves in the other planet since their own star was ruined by the battle.


Finally they decided to land on a planet called ‘Earth’ Some of them crash landed on a city of angel Bangkok where ‘Patpong’ and ‘Soi Cowboy’ can be spotted from their distance home.

green-minibus robot

As one of the robots transforms into a green minibus, he knew that he made a mistake. There’re plenty of reasons for that. He’s sick of crowded passengers on him and most of the time a driver drove insanely. But he can do nothing about it as people will know that he’s in disguise.

taxi & bus

Some of the robots shape shifted as taxis or buses, running around Bangkok. You may be a passenger on that transformed vehicles!

traffic jam

The sickest problem for most transformers in BKK is that they always get stuck in the traffic for a long time. So they always dream of their own home where they can run freely without intersections, red light, traffic jam, and bad drivers as their obstacles.

 Injured transformer

Sometimes, unlucky autobots are attacked, not by the decepticons but by humans! The popular means of attack is to throw a big chunk of rock into the moving vehicles.

Plane robot

Robots, who have learnt from mistake and know never to transform into cars in Bangkok, choose to planes. But they’re wrong! Again! Because an airport was held hostage by some group of protesters, they can’t land when they want to.

yellow VS red

The autobots and the decepticons have to pick which side they’re in. There’re yellow and red team to choose from.

Crying robots

With all the frustrating problems they confronted in Thailand, both autobots and decepticons can do nothing but cry.

 That’s the end of the story of autobots and decepticons in Thailand. Hope you enjoy it:)


PS. Million thanks for photo from Khun littlegun@pantip.com.

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