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Heroes, just for one day!

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Have you been watching the series Heroes? I must admit I’m addicted. These super heroes live complex troubled lives, interesting change to Marvel comic characters. Their powers cannot help them live out perfect lives or separating good from evil.

Well OK, these heroes are stylish looking, living out a thirty something dream episodes but with supernatural power!  But coming from a woman that used to love the Bionic Woman, that shouldn’t be a surprise, right!

Just imagine what if you can time travel at a snap of a finger! What will you do?

Or what if you can become a shape shifter! Don’t say occasional episodes of the X-Files  as that will just be too much!

How about regeneration, what if you can heal yourself from all injuries? How will that make you live your life?

Would you do that? Could you? Me, not sure but I admire their guts and that’s not the same guts as Hollywood! I’m talking about true faith here and total believe that you can do this.

Who is your heroes? Are they real or fictitious or both?

Then what if you can read minds?
When I was young I wanted all three of these superpowers! And here in Thailand, you too can. Well to a degree. You can acquire special power! There are people that live supernatural existence just right here from Issarn to Phuket, possibly every provinces in Thailand.

Every year in Phuket during the Vegetarians Festival, you will find people who believe they attain special power which makes them invincible to metal objects for example!

Be warned, the image can be quite gruesome!

I mustadmit they are nothing like the media heroes BUT they just make you think!



One thought on “Heroes, just for one day!

  1. I think they’re not a hero but a weirdo!

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