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Words Etched From Memory

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Written words have become part of our everyday life, we daily use words in such a perfunctory fashion, hardly ever give it much thought.


Each one of us have our very own sets of habitual words that we use to translate our thoughts, in an instant, into conversation or as me right now, with this blog.
However, there are people out there that have made studies of words and make us re-examine our relationship with words.
One international renown artist that comes to mind is Ed Rucha whose work is highly influential and uniquely himself.

Ed Ruscha, Hollywood, QuoteThai Blog, Words Etched From memory Ed Ruscha, DARE, QuoteThai Blog, Words Etched From memory
HOLLYWOOD IS A VERB. © Ed Ruscha. Edward Ruscha Studio.
Right here in Bangkok, there is another artist that makes his art with words, the print maker, Kitikong Tilokwattanaothai.

Kitikong uses words as starting points of his art, to set the context and use them to flesh out shapes, forms and colours associated with these words.
You can view his recent etchings, entitled Visionary Word at Art Republic, but do hurry as it ends this Saturday! Here is taste of what you can expect.


QuoteThai Blog, Words Etched From Memory,  etching with words, Kitikong Tilokwattanaothai, visionary words
© 2009 Kitikong Tilokwattanaothai

His etchings are atmospheric, very tactile and feed into the world where form exists for form sake. It remoinds me of children learning to write and much more! But don’t quote me on this! Here is the blurb from the gallery, but better still go and see for yourself
” Visionary Word ” is the combination of patterns, lines and the connection between each visual element.
Words don’t always have to be expressed in literal forms, but can also be derived from abstract forms such as art.
This exhibition reads like an open diary, including all the elements of the artists emotions, thoughts and observations. The diary itself takes the form of a blank sheet, and the words instead become a whirlwind of colours, paint and lines, shaping the artists perspective onto a series of etchings.

If you like art and know of new and exciting exhibitions by up and coming contemporary Thai artists then let us know. We love to hear from you!

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