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Remember those 5-row tattoo on Angelina Jolie’s sexy back? I’m not sure whether Jolie’s popularity or the magic of the sacred tattoo itself or both encourages another Hollywood star Brittany Daniel to recently fly to Thailand for the first time, not for a trip to Koh Paghan. But for Ajarn Noo Kanpai. A man behind Jolie’s 5-row tattoo.

In Thailand, we have more than graphic or fashion tattoo to offer you. We have another kind that involves dark magic and needs your belief: a magic tattoo or Sak Yan. The tattoo can be divided into four main patterns:

  • Round Tattoo: this type means a face of Buddha.
  • Triangle Tattoo: this shape represents the Trinity or the Three World.
  • Square Tattoo: it means the four continents or four elements.
  • Picture Tattoo: this pattern can vary to many different pictures, such as angels, animals, and etc.

Each magic tattoo has a specific power of its own, for instance, the lion magic tattoo will empower the owner with prestige. For the celebrities’ 5-row tattoo, it will grant the owners life improvement, especially in career and love issues. Ajarn Noo Kanpai insisted that the tattoo owners must have a strong belief in the power of tattoo, then its power can be real.

The magic tattoo rite doesn’t finish by wiping blood out from tattooed areas and giving customers Motrin. There’re more sessions coming after this. An incantation process. This step ensures that the magic tattoo would release its power definitely.

Although the Thai magic tattoo gains so much faith in its believers, I don’t buy such the magic. At all. Does the tattoo work help to improve your career if you just sit back and relax and won’t put your 100% into work? I don’t believe in the face of Buddha but I do trust in his teachings. Nothing can control destiny, but action.
If you want more information on Sak Yan or Ajarn Noo, visit here www.sak-yant.com/?page_id=973
Thanks for photo from www.bp.or.th

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