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Swine! H1N1 has arrived in my circle!

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Like most people, I’ve been watching the news of this flu outbreak since Mexico but it still seemed quite removed from my reality even when it had found its way here. But not any more! YES, wear a mask when reading this, just kidding!

Why does it seem more real? My nephew’s school has closed after two students have been infected with H1N1. The poor chap is very put out as all his sport activities have been cancelled until the end of term. He even joined the I Hate Swine Flu group on facebook, to register his outrage!

Apart from my nephew getting heat up, has this changed our lives? Not really. We try to follow the WHO advice: wash your hands, cover your mouth when sneezing or blow your nose into a tissue, eat only hot food and and wear masks when you have respiratory infection. They are basic hygiene rules requiring little adjustment bar 1! I must admit that I find wearing masks uncomfortable (as I would be killing myself laughing!)

Then I found this photo composite of masks wearers, from accomthailand which could change my mind! La chic, huh! I found the skull one highly amusing!

Check out how to wear masks fashionably © 2009 accomthailand.wordpress.com,© gettyimage.com,

© 2009 accomthailand.wordpress.com

What else has changed in my world? Well … the chemists in my area are running out of antibacterial hand wash, especially the ones that need no water! To buy that I have to go to central Bangkok!

On a philosophical note though, this H1N1 outbreak will make us realise, yet again, that man is not the super race after all and of course, size isn’t everything – even a micro organism can BE potent!

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