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So she’s not the heroine at the moment but …

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It is refreshing to hear positive endorsement of a woman at the centre of recent headline news! Thank you Lucy and the BBC who tried to address the balance by publishing her story at this time when the American Press has totally rubbish her credibility.

Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunan or doctor death as dubbed by the Thai media has been a controversial figure and gets her fair share of blames and criticism over her professional conducts. Some people even say she courts that type of attention! Guess it’s not easy being 1. a pathologist, 2. a female who speaks her own mind and 3. a female with her own fashion sense that is at odd with the women of her status. Remember in this country we really do look at appearance first!
Let us remember her work! Not the way she dresses or her idiosyncratic behaviour when a microphone is put in front of her. This woman has brought modern pathology to a country that is suspicious of the police and the legal system, to the point that most people do not think they will get a fair hearing when arrested so they are prepared to offer a little bribe to ease their way out of the tricky situations. She has made us listen to evidence and gained perspective and space when face with a subject that is highly emotive. Remember how she and her team tirelessly worked to reunite the tsunami victims with their families!
Hooray for a woman like Kunying Pornthip I say! At least Thai woman will learn that it’s OK to be an individual and break moulds!

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