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HiSo, LoSo and now MoSo. Can you keep up?

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If you live in Thailand then you would be acquainted with the terms “Hi So,” it is used very liberally to describe socialites and celebs that have made it! And if you want to find out more then go and read the Lost Boy’s blog Hi-so in Thailand: Lifestyles of the (not so) rich and (moderately) famous. It’s amusingly informative.

“Lo So” is the opposite of “Hi So,” it’s a term used to describe the under privilege class. But have you heard of MO SO?

MOSO which stands for Moderation Society or สังคมพอประมาณ ที่คนใช้ชีวิตอย่างพอดีๆ I came acroos this term via TV ad and some billboards.

One ad in particular fascinates me as I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s very good and well produced. If you haven’t seen this then watch and see what you think!

This ad is entitled: Mindfulness + Rationale = Immunization. Immunization against what you might wonder!

I do find this ad powerful and in some way thought provoking. It does prompt you to ask what has been happening in Thailand lately. If I call it propaganda then that is not quite right! But it certainly put a thought into your head!

How about you? What is your reaction after watching this? As a nation, do we need an ad like this?


One thought on “HiSo, LoSo and now MoSo. Can you keep up?

  1. I like this TVC, and MO SO idea 🙂

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