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The Panda Fortune-teller

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It’s panda fever all around Thailand lately, especially when a new baby panda was born. I’m the one who follows the craze, not tired of checking her news or watching her progress. She’s an eye candy that helps me forget my troublesome life.

Arjarn Nat Worarat takes this craze to another dimension. He reads humans’ palms and knows what’s going on in your life just to know your date of birth. Yes, he’s a fortune-teller. And yes, he’s a smart ass, knowing what’s in or out. He knows very well who can send him to be under the spotlight. So he decides to change his direction a little bit: he’s now the first panda fortune-teller. Not sure whether arjarn Nat has any hidden agendas to do the thing he do but it’s a stupid story that I let a few giggles slip out.

Below is an excerpt from Arjarn Nat’s prediction on the little panda’s life.
“Since she was born on May 27, 2552 at 10.39 am, she belongs to fire element. It means that she will always get frustrated and doesn’t like to sleep. Also, she’s more naughty than other panda babies. Being the girl of the Sun, she will be even more famous than her mom and dad, Chuang Chuang and Linhui. She will make her acquaintances as well as her caretakers prosperous. This means that large amount of income will flow into both Chiangmai zoo and Chiangmai province continually…”

I think I should book Arjarn Nat’s schedule pretty soon. My dog looks a little bit upset lately. Looking at what Arjarn Nat predicts, I’m positive that he knows what goes wrong in the life line of my dear dog.

Thanks for photo from www.konmun.com

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