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Meet the Wonder Gays!

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Inspired by Wonder Girls, Korean girl band, five teenagers finally find their true passion Dance! Their dancing routines copy all steps of the Korean band. The exception is they’re all boys. Nothing’s feminine in them, from skin-headed hair to shorts they wear. But that’s not the problem. They seem to come out and dance as good as girls!

Their reputation gradually grows when some netizens spot their dancing routines on Youtube. Although they don’t create any new style of dance, they’re still an inspiration for some groups, especially rainbow boys. The boys no longer hide in the shadow and announce who they really are. This grasps one of the biggest music companies’s attention. All the boys got signed and their debut album will be released soon.

They have my support 100% as long as they’re still determined to do something that they really love. Gender matter is too little to be the problem. I hope they can reach their dreams but I don’t think the road is paved with roses for them. Some sort of old-fashioned fellows are their biggest thorns, I think. Anyway, go on, do it boys!

Thanks for video from www.youtube.com

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