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Don’t Let Jealousy Get the Best of You

When the red and yellow teams get diminished from the limelight. We now have another talk of the town: the panda team and the elephant team. Some people stirs thing up when it seems like the two panda Chuang Chuang and Linhui and their unnamed baby steal all the attention. The elephant lovers then come up with a mocking idea. Elephants’re disguised as pandas! Ouch! That hurts!

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Heroes, just for one day!

Have you been watching the series Heroes? I must admit I’m addicted. These super heroes live complex troubled lives, interesting change to Marvel comic characters. Their powers cannot help them live out perfect lives or separating good from evil.

Well OK, these heroes are stylish looking, living out a thirty something dream episodes but with supernatural power!  But coming from a woman that used to love the Bionic Woman, that shouldn’t be a surprise, right!

Just imagine what if you can time travel at a snap of a finger! What will you do?

Or what if you can become a shape shifter! Don’t say occasional episodes of the X-Files  as that will just be too much!

How about regeneration, what if you can heal yourself from all injuries? How will that make you live your life?

Would you do that? Could you? Me, not sure but I admire their guts and that’s not the same guts as Hollywood! I’m talking about true faith here and total believe that you can do this.

Who is your heroes? Are they real or fictitious or both?

Then what if you can read minds?
When I was young I wanted all three of these superpowers! And here in Thailand, you too can. Well to a degree. You can acquire special power! There are people that live supernatural existence just right here from Issarn to Phuket, possibly every provinces in Thailand.

Every year in Phuket during the Vegetarians Festival, you will find people who believe they attain special power which makes them invincible to metal objects for example!

Be warned, the image can be quite gruesome!

I mustadmit they are nothing like the media heroes BUT they just make you think!


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When the Rain Comes

Just want to share a wonderful moment with you guys. A Siam tulip fields in Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Chaiyaphum. The flowers bloom in the rainy season, around June to August in Thailand. If you want to have an unforgettable memory like mine, go and prove it with your own eyes. 
Siam Tulip Chaiyaphum

Siam Tulip Chaiyaphum


Remember Those Days: Nang Klang Plaeng (Open-air Cinema)

Hear a reel’s rolling? See a flash of light to that silver screen?

Today I take you back in time to meet one of my hidden drawer of memories when I was still a little child. It’s the time beyond this digital age. The time when EDGE or 3G didn’t exist. The time when color TV was just released to market and we were crazy about it like Blackberry. It’s the classical time of Nang Klang Plaeng or open-air cinema.

 In the old days, when the festive seasons like songkran or other community ceremonies, rolled around in suburb area where I was born and raised, one activity often held is the open-air cinema. The show is usually free for public as it was a treat by a host of each ceremony. It was always held at night when the wether is perfect for being out under the sky.

 I think our Nang Klang Plaeng can be compared to your drive-through movie. They are the show that gathers lots of people together outdoor in the same place just to watch the same movie, except that Nang Klang Plaeng normally took place in a rice field after harvest or somebody’s unused land. Plus, while you were having popcorn in your hands, we could have some grilled meat balls or rolled squid.

 I still remember that I went to this kind of show a couple of times with my family. The picture is clear in my head. Taking with us was blankets, sheets, and small pillows, we took the best area we could find. My brother was on my left and my mum and dad were in the back. The blanket was the most effective weapon to fight back my fear of ghost in the movie by means of covering myself with it.

 As EGV, IMAX or whatever brands fulfilled our desire for entertainment, it’s hard to find the open-air cinema, except in the rural Thailand. I’m now far and far from it, no direct experience with it anymore as I move to BKK. But everytime I look back to those days, I can hear the rolling voice of the reel and the smell of meat balls and the harsh feeling of grass beneath me.

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Words Etched From Memory

Written words have become part of our everyday life, we daily use words in such a perfunctory fashion, hardly ever give it much thought.


Each one of us have our very own sets of habitual words that we use to translate our thoughts, in an instant, into conversation or as me right now, with this blog.
However, there are people out there that have made studies of words and make us re-examine our relationship with words.
One international renown artist that comes to mind is Ed Rucha whose work is highly influential and uniquely himself.

Ed Ruscha, Hollywood, QuoteThai Blog, Words Etched From memory Ed Ruscha, DARE, QuoteThai Blog, Words Etched From memory
HOLLYWOOD IS A VERB. © Ed Ruscha. Edward Ruscha Studio.
Right here in Bangkok, there is another artist that makes his art with words, the print maker, Kitikong Tilokwattanaothai.

Kitikong uses words as starting points of his art, to set the context and use them to flesh out shapes, forms and colours associated with these words.
You can view his recent etchings, entitled Visionary Word at Art Republic, but do hurry as it ends this Saturday! Here is taste of what you can expect.


QuoteThai Blog, Words Etched From Memory,  etching with words, Kitikong Tilokwattanaothai, visionary words
© 2009 Kitikong Tilokwattanaothai

His etchings are atmospheric, very tactile and feed into the world where form exists for form sake. It remoinds me of children learning to write and much more! But don’t quote me on this! Here is the blurb from the gallery, but better still go and see for yourself
” Visionary Word ” is the combination of patterns, lines and the connection between each visual element.
Words don’t always have to be expressed in literal forms, but can also be derived from abstract forms such as art.
This exhibition reads like an open diary, including all the elements of the artists emotions, thoughts and observations. The diary itself takes the form of a blank sheet, and the words instead become a whirlwind of colours, paint and lines, shaping the artists perspective onto a series of etchings.

If you like art and know of new and exciting exhibitions by up and coming contemporary Thai artists then let us know. We love to hear from you!

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Tattoo, too much?


Remember those 5-row tattoo on Angelina Jolie’s sexy back? I’m not sure whether Jolie’s popularity or the magic of the sacred tattoo itself or both encourages another Hollywood star Brittany Daniel to recently fly to Thailand for the first time, not for a trip to Koh Paghan. But for Ajarn Noo Kanpai. A man behind Jolie’s 5-row tattoo.

In Thailand, we have more than graphic or fashion tattoo to offer you. We have another kind that involves dark magic and needs your belief: a magic tattoo or Sak Yan. The tattoo can be divided into four main patterns:

  • Round Tattoo: this type means a face of Buddha.
  • Triangle Tattoo: this shape represents the Trinity or the Three World.
  • Square Tattoo: it means the four continents or four elements.
  • Picture Tattoo: this pattern can vary to many different pictures, such as angels, animals, and etc.

Each magic tattoo has a specific power of its own, for instance, the lion magic tattoo will empower the owner with prestige. For the celebrities’ 5-row tattoo, it will grant the owners life improvement, especially in career and love issues. Ajarn Noo Kanpai insisted that the tattoo owners must have a strong belief in the power of tattoo, then its power can be real.

The magic tattoo rite doesn’t finish by wiping blood out from tattooed areas and giving customers Motrin. There’re more sessions coming after this. An incantation process. This step ensures that the magic tattoo would release its power definitely.

Although the Thai magic tattoo gains so much faith in its believers, I don’t buy such the magic. At all. Does the tattoo work help to improve your career if you just sit back and relax and won’t put your 100% into work? I don’t believe in the face of Buddha but I do trust in his teachings. Nothing can control destiny, but action.
If you want more information on Sak Yan or Ajarn Noo, visit here www.sak-yant.com/?page_id=973
Thanks for photo from www.bp.or.th