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My Apology, I Was So Wrong!


I was so excited when I heard that a Thai student actually won the prestigious films award at Cannes Films Festival this year. I thought it was about time we received some positive press after the whole year of negative press because of the political situation. But I was wrong! I thought when you hear the story on Thai TV and other respected newspaper including the English dailies, The Daily Express that the story must be true! I was proved wrong.

The truth and thank you Bangkok Post for telling it like it is, here is the direct quote from Kong Rithdee’s Bangkok Post’s article: A Breach of Integrity on Television

Let’s make the truth clear: Pornpatchaya
did not win any award from Cannes and her film was not “officially selected”. It
was shown in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Market, a trade exhibition
in which participants have to pay a registration fee in order to have their
movies included. There’s no competition, no prizes distributed; her film is not
part of the Cannes Film Festival and she’s not a “winner at Cannes” as one of
the papers splashed across its front page (two days later, it ran a
To use an
analogy: To pay your way to have a film in the Film Market is like, say, during
the World Cup 2010, you pay a fee so your football team can go to South Africa
and play 5-man beach football with some local sides, but you come back to claim
that you’ve competed in the World Cup itself.

When Pantip Board was jammed with people wanting to air their disappointments and outrages at the shear nerves of this woman to go on television and tell a half truth in order to have her 15 min. of fame and promote her career. None of the TV channels came out to apologize for not getting their facts straight. Only a few days after did one of the newspapers retract their story and one TV channel, channel 3, re-interviewed Pornpatchaya. Did this Cannes non winner apologize for misleading the press and the public? No! She coolly said that the press misunderstood her use of English and made the assumption that she was talking about Cannes Films Festival when she was referring to the other Cannes!

Yes, K Pornpatchaya, you had every opportunity to tell the truth but you chose not to, instead you choose to promote yourself and in doing so lost your integrity and to be honest, the people that called you a liar and a b**ch might actually have a point.

What’s wrong with us today’s? Why do we people think taking short cuts to get to the top is OK! I feel really sad and disappointed with Pornpatchaya and her family who must be financially supporting her endeavor! Money can never turn you into the next Spielberg, pure talent does! Money can buy you fifteen minutes of fame but the truth will always come out in the end!

What’s even sadder is the fact that she might actually have some talent but who will want to have anything to do with her now, not me!

Now you decide for yourself what you think of Pornpatchaya. This clip below was the interview that appeared on TV.

Right the clip below is sound only but you can listen to how she justified her part of the story. Sadly it’s only in Thai!
Barnum did say that there was one born every minute, right! Count me as one then.

2 thoughts on “My Apology, I Was So Wrong!

  1. I still remember the case of Somphong Leudthaharn, a so-called faithful taxi driver who took back a suitcase full of money to its owner. Turns out, it was just a lie for his own fun. He’s a dirty liar who rose to fame by his own unfaithful prank.

    Surprisingly, there’s a copycat after Somphong’s case. Last week, I heard that Thai student won an award from Cannes Film Festival 2009. It spreaded all over the newspaper and she had an interview on chanel 3. Some of us goes with the flow and heartfully celebrates the success of Thai fellow Pornpatchaya Supannarat who claimed on the TV interview that she “gains Best Student Film” from Cannes. A Big Bravo for her, if that’s true! But the young director ruins her own reputation, my admiration for her, and most importantly SOCIAL INTEGRITY when the truth is revealed by a public forum (http://www.pantip.com/cafe/chalermthai/topic/A7907656/A7907656.html) that she gains nothing from Cannes. She just enters a ‘short film corner’ section where anyone can send their movies in if they have money to pay the boothe fee. And she calls it an award!

    Pornpatchaya and her backup Pratchaya Pinkaew, the director of Ong Bak then reappeared in the same chanel, trying to clear the misleading case. I don’t buy anything she and her supporters said anymore. The more I listen to them, the more they disgust me. She should have told the truth in the first interview. But she claimed that it’s live so she didn’t have time to clear the point. The saddest fact is that both the show host Khun Visarn and Khun Pratchaya helped defend her. What the hell! Someone said that media is the one to take the blame. I have no comment on that. My faith in the media’s ability to sift out the truth from lies has been gone for a very long time.

    In my opinion, Pornpitchaya is not at all Speilberg of Thailand as Khun Visarn praised her. She’s just another Somphong Leudthaharn, so as her other related parties!

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