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New Hope for Thai Cinema

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There is hope for Thai cinema on the world stage after Ong-Bak, prooving that we are not a one horse wonder. Pornpatchaya Suppannarat entry for the Student Short Films section at Cannes has just won her best film.

Revenge Tragedies is a sad tale of Airel who decides to comit suicide after she was raped by her boss then rejected by her lover. A powerful subject that is not easy to portray on screen, yet Kuhn Pornpatchaya has done just that!

Pornpatchaya or Chaya for short, comes from a family of film makers. Her mother is the renowned Hollywood casting director for Thailand. So location sets of big budget Hollywood films have been her playgrounds
Her talent is not just behind the camera! At 18, she made her international début as actress in a supporting role as ‘Lan’ in the American film ‘Holly,’ directed by Guy Moshe which starred Ron Livingston and Udo Kier.
However, its not her pedigree that impressed me but the fact that she has something worthy to say and is not frightened of saying it! Her exploration of the struggle of Asian females in the twenty first century bypasses the Hollywood norm of prostitutions, sex and scandals for its own sake.
In her own words,
“Women today are stronger, but they are still made victims by society!”
I’m looking forward to seeing her feature length films. Let’s hope that the pressures from commercial producers who can only see $’s and aping Hollywood big budget films as how to make $’s don’t get to her so that she manages to stay true to her art and mature into greatness!

We can soon see her first feature length directorial début in Sahamongkol Film’s Botrian Ruedu Nao (Winter Experience) written by Yuthalert Sippapak. She said that it’s a cross between the story of Nampu and Loke Thung Bai Hai Nai Khon Diaw (Romantic Blues).




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