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Remember Those Days: Maana Maanee Piti Chuujai

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  maana maanee  

Nostalgia attacks me out of the blue when I read a Thai topic in pantip.com http://www.pantip.com/cafe/chalermthai/topic/A7885426/A7885426.html
It’s about a Thai study guide for elementary school students called ‘Maana Maanee Piti Chuujai’ A weird name. Right? The book’s name simply comes from four main characters in the book.

It’s strange that the book was nothing to me back then when I was an elementary school girl. My only feeling for it was that it was sooo heavy for my small body when I had to carry it, together with other text books, with me every morning to school. It’s even more strange that now I miss it dearly.
I miss Manee, the girl main character of the book, her brother Mana, and their dog Chao Dho.
I miss Chuujai, Manee’s best friend and her cat See Thao.
I miss its vivid color cover.
I miss the page that I dropped my milk on it.
I miss the funny story that made me feel more like reading fiction rather than text book.

I owe them a lot.
Without them, I can’t read, nor write. And they turned my boring Thai class into something fun and entertaining.
Thanks a lot. Maana, Maanee and the gang for being my lifeless yet lively friends.

‘Maana Maanee Piti Chuujai’ is an illustrated book series used as a Thai study handbook for elementary school during 1978 – 1994. The story is composed by a teacher Ratchanee Sripraiwan and the illustrations are provided by Khun Trium Chachumphon, a well-known cartoonist from Chaipruk Cartoon.

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