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Not a Thailand Tourist Guide You’ve Seen in Market!

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It’s a real pleasure for your heart and soul to once in your life experience the beauty of Thai’s tourist attractions. I’m not biased! Phang Nga Bay of Thailand is ranked no.3 by Andrew Harper as the most wonderful place to visit. However, some of you might be afraid to even set your little toes of your foot in our country if you saw the political-protest-turn-violence that happened last week. But this guide will help make your trip in Thailand unforgetable.

 This is the most important rule. Take it as your survival guide in Thailand. Red and Yellow clothes are taboo in Thailand. Avoid bringing such color outfits to my country. I’m serious! No more red and blue in the opposite corner. Us Thais have yellow VS red. You might find yourself an object of destruction if you wear the taboo colors. 

from bringing sunscreen to protect your skin, do bring a bulletproof vest as well. Your life far worths protecting than your skin. Anything bad and fatal can emerge if you happen to be near the protest area.

Before you book a hotel, remember that it shouldn’t be the venue that can hold Asean Summit. Or your peaceful night will be ruined by some group of people who violently trespass the hotel.

Have a direct flight to Thailand? It’s not a good idea at all. I suggest that you land in neigbourhood countries of Thailand first then cross to Thai’s border by car. Our Suvannabhumi is not only international and modern airport but it’s also a place that protesters can held hostage. You probably find yourself stuck in the airport for weeks if you don’t listen to this advice.

Public transportation, especially bus and taxi may not be a convenient way to get around Bangkok. Some taxi drivers stop working because they’re engaged in the protest. And some bus had been burnt by protesters. You don’t want to be on the bus. Right? You still have Tuk-Tuk, BTS, and MRT to be your option though.

Hope you enjoy the trip in the Land of Smile and still be alive!



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