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Boku to issho: Together with Me

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Yuya Yakira pulled it off when he portrayed a life of abandoned boy who has to take care of his silblings alone in 2004 Japanese drama film Nobody Knows. This earned him Best Actor at Cannes Film Festival 2004. If you’re still impressed with Yakira’s talent and the heartbreaking film, you’ll also enjoy Boku to issho or Together with Me, a Japanese comic by Minoru Furuya. But there’re few surprises for you to expect.

First of all, the comic is ultimately hilarious and sad at the same time. While the story is loosely camouflaged by funny drawings and some stupid happenings, it still portrays a struggling life of orphans who try to survive on their own. It will make you laugh and cry simultaniously.

Then, the drawings alone can make you laugh your ass out. You can’t help but burst out laughing if you get a chance to see quirky faces of each character. A round of applause and standing ovation for Minoru Furuya who make the over-reacted facial expression of these characters, my private laughing stock.

Hilarity aside, I think this comic is a clear mirror reflecting our society nowadays, not only in Japan but our society in general. It’s so sad to learn that one thing that some take it for granted is parental responsibility. That’s why we still have children like notorious boy Keigo Sato and other orphans to prove this statement.

See Boku to Issho with your own eyes here:




  Thanks for photos from www.geocities.com/chas_kit/  

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